What Are Types of Ladders You Need to Know Other Than Roof ladders


Buying a ladder can feel pretty overwhelming in today’s times. Even a few years back, there were just a few varieties available and some shops had just one type. So choosing a ladder was no big deal. But that is not the case anymore. Today, there are several varieties of ladders available. If you have just heard of roof ladders, here are some of the other varieties you need to know about.

  1. Extension ladder: A lot of people prefer this type for the simple reason that they can be extended. One can adjust the length and that comes as a huge convenience considering the number of tasks they can be used to perform. This is a type that can be used for a variety of purposes both at home and business.
  1. Platform ladder: This is another common type and it is a standalone unit. What makes it useful is that one does not need a wall or anything else to make it stand. Usually a ladder needs to be placed against a wall to use but not this. It can be used on its own and thus offers a lot of convenience. This type comes with a special platform that is usually on the top rung. It works in spaces where there are no walls for the ladder to be propped against. There is also an increased surface area on the platform which is great for keeping tools and other things.
  1. Rolling ladder: This is another very useful type with rollers at the bottom. This can be great for tasks which require some time and will have the person move the ladder from one point to the next. One will not have to carry the ladder because it can be rolled from one place to another.
  1. Safety ladder: This is the type that is perfect for people who are worried about the safety of the product and would rather buy something that comes equipped with many safety features. These can be customized too if one choose a good manufacturer. They can be equipped with harnesses, tiedowns, cages and stabilizers. They are wonderful for preventing injuries and falls.
  1. Multipurpose ladder: This is a great choice for construction workers or those who use a ladder frequently. This type can be utilized for a variety of purposes. If one is looking for a type that is very versatile, this is the right choice. Multipurpose ladders can be transformed into an extension ladder, a step ladder and many more.
  1. Step stools: This is a perfect choice for homes where people need some extra height to reach a few areas of the house. Step stools are very safe and even kids can be trusted to use them.

Whether it is roof ladders one is looking for or something else, choosing a manufacturer that pays attention to detail is one’s best bet.

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