The extortion flow of blackmails from Werner Boehm, a former CEO of share building company


On December 2nd, 2016, A former CEO of a shareholding company Bit Rush was slammed for proposing fake news and initiatives for his own profits. The case became really large and spread across the global raising eyebrows in concern. The shareholders of the company were most affected and were at risk. Werner Boehm started an offering namely as “Initial Coin Offering” or the “Litigation Coin Offering”. He did so in order to get extra money by selling BitRush shares illegally. He raised thousands of Dollars through shareholder funds in the year of 2015 which he transferred it to an Austrian bank account. He did all of this while he was still the CEO of BitRush.

More about his life:

He even partnered up with Alfred Dobias and blackmailed Uwe Lenhoff and Ilan Tzorya whom he found was teamed up with Uwe. After when Ilan found out what exactly was going on, he decided to sue Werner and Alfred. But, to his surprise, he found out that Werner Boehm was very careful with emails and chats with his fake clients. There was no way that they could sue him without any legit proof. It is a perfect case of two mastermind criminals forming together. There was also a press release uploaded and updated on the website of BitRush. It claimed that there is no way that the Litigation Coin Offering or the Initial Coin Offering is related to the company. It is totally the wrongdoing of Boehm and he is responsible for any kind of harm or loss resulted to any shareholder or person who was involved in the Coin Offerings. This whole matter is now under the Ontario Securities Commission since the year of 2016, after Boehm was sued by BitRush. Werner’s blackmail was a big lead to the extortion flow of the claims. He put the heads of the company in a huge problem. The Director and President released the same press release on behalf of the special committee.

All the statements except the ones which are historical facts, developments, address activities, and events. The anticipations were developed regarding the consequences which will rise in future. Because literally, there is no guarantee of how the performance of the company will be affected alongside of the inherited assumptions of the future events and results of the same. There are many proofs of the e-mails shared between these people and are now live on the internet. Well, it was a necessity to do so too in order to prove the legalization of suing Werner. It has come to surface that there was an organized gang behind all the blackmailing too.  This gang even hacked through the company’s account and manipulated the chats and e-mail exchanges. They leaked them but did not know what was coming to them. Now, the company after suing Werner for his criminal actions has warned shareholders who were participating in his Coin Offerings. It is now a case of brilliant mastermind criminals.

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