The Best Long-Lasting Full Coverage Concealer


Various brands of makeup are around. It has been widely used by many makeup artists as their basic materials. Makeups are made up of different colors used to enhance an individual’s beauty. It makes anyone look more beautiful and attractive. In fact, many people are getting addicted to makeup. Most of these people loved to collect makeup even without any knowledge on how to apply. They only have that urge to buy and collect because they love seeing the colors. Either you are a makeup artist or not, if makeup feels you happy, you would buy it. There are various makeup materials available in the market. One of the most makeup basics that must be present is the concealer. It is a must-have in the makeup kit of an artist. Even those who normally put daily makeup on, concealer is very important.

A must-have of a make-up artist

A makeup artist would feel complete if they have a complete makeup kit. They feel that they are complete as well. Thus, having a quality concealer makes them feel more complete. Some of the concealers available are not that quality worth like its lasting effect. Most of them last only for an hour or 3 hours. After a few hours, it gets faded and the entire face makeup would mess-up. Of course, no one would want to have a retouch every hour. Why not try the high-quality product of YSL concealer with a long-lasting effect? Buy and get YSL concealer for 16hours coverage on face makeup. It is like an all-hour liquid concealer with long hours on. The liquid concealer comes on different shades such as the following:

  • 5 Vanilla
  • 1 Porcelain
  • 2 Ivory
  • 3 Almond
  • 5 Natural
  • 4 Sand
  • 5 Golden
  • 5 Warm Tan

The concealer is perfect for a long-hour beauty pageant. This is ideal for makeup artists who have been searching for the best concealer that doesn’t fade easily.

YSL concealer description

YSL concealer is non-comedogenic, it is fragrance-free. Thus, once it is applied, it has no fragrance at all. It is a user-friendly concealer that never disturbed anyone’s smell. It doesn’t give any problem to those who don’t like a kind of fragrance in a concealer. So bad for those concealers with added fragrances. Users get satisfied with YSL concealer benefits, 16-hour comfort, and long-lasting effect. From medium to high-coverage, it makes the face natural looking with its matte finish. This is a perfect concealer for oily faces because it controls oil and shine-free.

How to apply?

The concealer can be applied on the face very simply. By applying a few dots on the important areas on the face, it corrects imperfections like under eyes. After applying the concealer, it must be set by dabbing with the fingertips or using a blender sponge. To have a buildable coverage, it can be used before and after applying foundation. Most importantly, know your skin tone. Using the right shade that matches the skin tone to correct imperfections. Concealer is very simple to apply, no need for any other added makeup materials, it is also skin-safe.

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