Peter Max – An Iconic Name in The Pop Art Movement in the USA


Several forms of art catch attention and the eye of people who flock in galleries and museums. However, besides fine arts, there is a popular genre of art known as “pop art” that draws inspiration from daily life and appeals to the masses. Pop art is a unique style of art that is very different from fine art. It began in the 1950s and was popular in the UK and USA. This style of art uses vibrant colors and bold themes. It is seen in comic books, soup cans, some photos of well-known celebrities and animals. This form of art is based on simple themes that come from everyday life and the masses. One can come across this form of art on packaging and consumer labels. In fact, it is loved by millions across the globe for its bright colors blended together in vibrant themes!

Peter Max – an iconic figure in the pop art movement of the world

When it comes to the pop art movement of the world, Peter Max is a well-respected name in the field. With over five decades of rich experience in the field of pop art, he has created some unforgettable masterpieces that are displayed by agents and managers at well-established galleries and museums across the world. His work has won the admiration of several art lovers of all ages since the last 50 years. His Facebook page contains some amazing pieces of pop art that are widely popular in the USA and the world. Inspired by his dad and mom to pursue art from an early age, he is passionate about pop art and continues to present his creative skills to the world on the subject even to this date. People have loved his amazing vibrant styles since he stole their hearts with his first masterpieces in the field of pop art in the form of music band posters and album covers that covered the psychedelic rock music movement of the 1960s to 1970s.

Creating successful art campaigns for popular events in the USA

He is the main artist behind the All-Star Game, NHL, Winter Olympics, 6 Grammy Awards and the popular reality show – The Voice, USA. He had traveled to many nations as a child with his parents. As a young boy, he was tremendously inspired by a Buddhist monastery in a place where he used to live in. As he grew up, he was enthralled by the cosmic elements of the world like the Sun, the Moon, Planets, Stars, etc. This is why you will find the presence of these cosmic elements in his work.

The famous Statue of Liberty Paintings created by Peter Max in more than 50 ways. If you closely look at every one of these paintings, you will find them to be unique in their own way as he has painted them from different perspectives and angles. He has also been the official artist for 6 Presidents of the USA, and his works are displayed in US Embassies across the globe.

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