A Look At The Various Espresso Machine Reviews


Espresso is a popular form of coffee originated in Italy. This type of coffee is thick and more concentrated than the others. This is made by passing hot water through finely ground coffee powder. Since it is very concentrated with loads of flavor, it is the base of other coffee products such as Latte and Cappuccino. A single cup of espresso contains caffeine, which is equal to six large cups of regular coffee. This significant caffeine content is attributed to the presence of less water and more coffee.

It is nearly impossible to make espresso without the espresso machines. So, you have to take a look at the espresso machine reviews before you buy one. You can also search for Best Espresso Machine under 100 if you are on a budget. The history of these machines is quite fascinating.

They were invented in 1901, and the very first espresso machines made use of steam. In these machines, steam was forced through the coffee powder which produced fine espresso. Later during the mid-1940s, another type of the espresso machine was invented. Unlike its predecessor, this kind made use of a lever to pressure the water through the powder. This resulted in faster processing and production of espresso.

Production of espresso is a near art. You can do so many things with a cup of espresso and produce varieties of flavors. So there are many people who are regularly reviewing and judging various espresso machines. Let us see about a few top models of espresso machines.

Krups Allegro FND111:

This machine is available for $30. It looks sleek and stylish with a black and silver color. It is quite large so that it can make espresso for many people at the same time. It is also used to make lattes and cappuccinos from espressos. It contains a canister which collects the espresso. The canister can be removed and cleaned easily. It also has an illuminated off/on switch to help you get a hold of the situation at hand. It can produce four large cups of espresso at the same time and is relatively cheap.

Rancio Silva:

This is hailed as the most efficient espresso maker available in the market, and it could well be true. It is made up of double layered steel which ensures safe and healthy espresso. It can carry over twelve ounces of coffee at the same time which is not offered by any other espresso machine. It can produce a full cup of espresso in just 20 seconds, which is quite extraordinary. It is quite costly and prices around $500.

DelonghiMagnifica Automatic Espresso Machine:

This is the most advanced of all the espresso machines. And, to satisfy that name tag, it costs around $600. Since it is super automatic, it can make any type of espresso with a press of a button. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the machine if you buy this model. This model will clean itself, as it has an automatic cleaning system. Moreover, it grinds the beans automatically without any human effort. Overall, you have to say that it justifies its price tag.

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